About Accel Performance Training

"Our mission is to provide high performance training that is measurable, accountable, and specific to your athletic goals. By applying these elements, our programming will enable you to reach new levels of performance you never thought possible."

A little about me...

Joey Nemet

Founder & Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (McMaster University)
Member of 2018 Canadian Olympic Bobsleigh Team
2011 Vanier Cup Champion (McMaster Marauders)
2nd all - time in rushing yards at McMaster (Running Back)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

I’ve dedicated myself to working in the sports performance and fitness industry for over a decade because it is truly my passion. I train individual athletes, groups and teams ranging from middle school and high school to university and professional level athletics. I utilize training methods learned from my experiences training and working with strength and conditioning experts in North America and Europe to provide training that is measurable, accountable, and specific to the goals of the athlete and the demands of their sport.

The drive to achieve goals is something I know very well through my career as a Canadian bobsleigh athlete and, prior to that, winning a Vanier Cup (Canadian university national championship) as a football player at McMaster University in 2011.

In 2016, after experiencing an injury that almost ended my bobsleigh career, I had to stop and re-examine my goals. Was I going to call it quits or figure out a way to achieve my dream of going to the 2018 Olympic Games? I decided to go for it, but knew I had to make some changes. I started by closely examining my habits, changing the ones that were holding me back, creating new ones, and making critical adjustments to my process.

“First you make your habits and then your habits make you,” is a statement I live by. Ultimately, my transformation brought me beyond where I had been to become my strongest self so far, both physically and mentally. In January 2018, almost two years after my injury, I earned a spot on Canada's Olympic Bobsleigh team as an alternate push athlete for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. This journey pushed me far beyond what I thought possible for myself. What I learned and continue to learn inspires the work I do with each athlete.

"Through my athletic career I have learned many valuable lessons and have had to overcome many obstacles. My aim as a coach is not just to train athletes, but also to use my experiences and what I have learned over my career to help guide them through their own athletic journeys. I believe that training, like sport, can be used as a vehicle to craft one’s character. The goal is to not just to create stronger, better athletes. It’s to create stronger, better people as well."