High Performance Speed Program

The goal of this program is to expose athletes to a high performance speed training environment, much like what they may experience in university and/or national level sport. The program brings athletes together to push and learn from each other in order to accelerate their speed development. It also exposes them to different training and performance analysis tools commonly used for speed training at the highest level of sport.

Sessions Include:

Group video analysis and breakdown

Sessions begin with video breakdown of training film. This is done to set the intention for the session, educate athletes on common technical sprinting deficiencies and to provide visual models of what optimal technique looks like.

Electronic sprint timing

There's no guess work in this program. Electronic timing allows for extremely accurate feedback for athletes and coaches to assess progression through the course of the camp and further enhance learning of technical execution.

A competitive, supportive environment with like-minded athletes

No matter how self-motivated you are, working and competing with like-minded individuals pursuing a common goal will always push you to be better than you can be on your own.

High performance speed coaching and instruction

Coaching provided by a former Olympic level bobsleigh athlete with an extensive background in high performance sprint based training as both an athlete and coach.